Our company

Established in 1968, Vinmech Industries is one of the leading manufacturers of Terminal Block and cable glands having manufacturing facility at 768, GIDC, Makarpura, Vadodara.

Since inception in 1981, Vinmech over the years has undergone constant evaluation of infrastrucre, systems and personnel. This evolution is exemplified by its high quality products.

Our products are being used by various Electrical Panel manufacturers. We are proud supplier of our products to companies like ABB LTD. (Nashik, Mumbai and Vadodara), CROMPTON GREVES LTD (Nashik), JYOTI LTD. (Vadodara), Elecon Eng. Co. Ltd. (Vallabh Vidhyanagar) etc. We have large number of reputed customers and panel manufactures satisfied with quality of our products and timely delivery of material at competitive rates. This is the potency of our long association with industrygiants like ABB, Jyoti and Crompton Greaves.

Our terminal blocks are type tested in accordance with IEC 60967-71 by Electrical Quality Development Company (Govt. of Gujarat undertaking) in addition our terminals are also approved by various Consultants and State Electricity Boards.

In 7000 sq. feet of area, terminal blocks are manufactured under strict Quality Control of finished products as well as quality check of Standard Raw Materials. With dedicated, highly experienced and motivated team of employees, “VINMECH” has recorded growth in sales volume at the rate of 15% per annum since last three years.

Since last more than 20 years we are associated with ABB Ltd for Bakelite and Polycarbonate moldings. Asea’s (now ABB) OTFA 46 test terminal block had been developed by us. We are supplying special high Precision Bakelite and Poly carbonate moldings to Automation division 0f ABB Ltd. Vadodara. We are also associated with M/s. Integra Limited, an ABB subsidiary having Swiss collaboration, manufacturing control relays for railway signals.

Our Products
  Standard Screw Clamp Type Terminals
  Stud Type Terminals
  Power (Bus Bar) Terminals
  Polyamide Series Screw Clamp Type Terminals
  Cable Glands
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